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Financial Aid & Scholarship

The university and the college have several scholarships for which students can compete.

More on university scholarships ...

Besides the university scholarships, the Area of ISQS also offers a number of departmental scholarships to qualified students. Some of the departmental scholarships are:

Undergraduate Scholarships

Hancle Stevenson Scholarship This scholarship is only for those undergraduate students who are native-born Texans.

Graduate Scholarships

Jill & Larry Austin Scholarship Merit-based scholarship for graduate students.
Andy Morris Memorial Scholarship Merit-based scholarship for graduate students.

ISQS Area Scholarship

The ISQS Area, based upon fund availability, awards this scholarship to qualified undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Teaching/Research Assistantships

Part-time teaching and research assistantships are available at stipends that are competitive with those at other schools. Duties include either half time teaching assignments or other related responsibilities. All students with such assistantships have the options of waiving student fees and paying tuition at in-state rates. Lubbock has a cost-of-living index of .7 relative to the national norm of 1, while that of most metropolitan areas is much greater than 1.