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MS in Business Statistics - Curriculum

Course work

The Master of Science in Business Statistics program must be comprises of at least 18 semester hours of graduate work (which may include a thesis) unless it is granted special exception. This work must be completed in a subject which has been approved for major work and for which the student has, or completes without degree credit, the necessary prerequisites for a graduate major as in the graduate catalog.

Tool Courses (22 Hours)

ACCT 5401 Financial and Managerial Accounting
FIN 5320 Financial Management I
ISQS 5137 Information Technology for Managers
ISQS 5345 Statistical Concepts for Business and Management
MKT 5350 Marketing Foundations
BLAW 5290 Legal, Regulatory, & Ethical Env. of Bus.
MGT 5371 Managing Org. Behavior & Org. Design
ECO 5310 Price and Income Theory

Core Courses (18 Hours)

ISQS 5347 Advanced Statistical Methods
ISQS 5348 Applied Dist.-Free Statistics in Business
ISQS 5349 Regression Analysis
ISQS 6347 Data and Text Mining for Business Intelligence
ISQS 6348 Applied Multivariate Analysis
ISQS 6349 Advanced Business Forecasting

Required Courses (4 Hours)

ISQS 5242 Decision Theory and Management Science
ISQS 5243 Production & Operations Management

Electives (14 Hours)

Students may choose 14 Hours of elective courses. These courses must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.

Capstone Requirement (Comprehensive Exam)

Students must take a comprehensive exam in order to earn the degree. They must earn a "Pass" in order to graduate in this program. The exam must be taken in the last semester prior to graduation.