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Graduate Program - Course Description

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BA 5380 Direct Experience

Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program
Corequisite: Students enhance their classroom knowledge through the rigorous analysis of internships, global filled experiences, mentoring experiences, and other approved experiences. May be repeated for credit for up to 9 hours if subject matter differs

ISQS 5137 Information Technology for Managers

Prerequisite: Proficiency in computer skills.
Corequisite: This course examines information technology in organizations and the strategic use of information systems.

ISQS 5230 Managerial Decision theory

Prerequisite: ISQS 5231
Corequisite: The course examines normative and behavioral theories of decision making in business.

ISQS 5231 Information Technology for Managers

Corequisite: The course examines information technology in organizations and its use in improving business processes and decisions for sustainable competitive advantage.

ISQS 5338 Inormation Technology for E-Business

Corequisite: E-commerce technology and business environment. E-commerce planning and implementation. Internet technologies. Multimedia on the Web. Web-based databases. Designing and building e-commerce site

ISQS 5340 Business Systems Analysis and Decision Making

Prerequisite: ISQS 5137 and MKT 5360
Corequisite: The use of information, management information systems, decision theory, and knowledge management to improve business processes and decisions for sustainabale competitive advantage.

ISQS 5341 Business Problem Solving & Information Technology

Corequisite: Develops business problem solving skills using logic information technology. A programming language will be used to reinforce skills to solve business problems.

ISQS 5343 Operations Management and Management Science

Prerequisite: ISQS 5345
Corequisite: Fundamentals of the operations management function from a managerial perspective utilizing a quantitative models approach.

ISQS 5345 Statistical Concepts for Business & Management

Corequisite: Statistical applications using the personal computer, with emphasis on proper presentation and interpretation of statistics in managerial settings. Topics include descriptive statistics, graphical methods, estimation, testing, regression, forecasting, and quality control.

ISQS 5347 Advanced Statistical Methods

Prerequisite: ISQS 5345
Corequisite: Discrete and continuous probability distributions, maximum likelihood, statistical models for learning, prediction, and decision making in business.

ISQS 5348 Applied Distribution-Free Statistics in Business

Prerequisite: ISQS 5345 or consent of instructor
Corequisite: Distribution-free statistical techniques of inference from non-normal populations and tests of nonparametric hypotheses applied to business problems

ISQS 5349 Regression Analysis

Prerequisite: ISQS 5347 or equivalent
Corequisite: Foundations and major topics of regression analysis, model formulation, and methods to deal with standard and nonstandard regression applications in business

ISQS 5382 Internship in Business Administration

Corequisite: This course permits students to enhance their knowledge within their field of specialization through application of concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom. May be repeated for credit.

ISQS 6337 Business Programming Languages

Prerequisite: ISQS 5341
Corequisite: Concepts of data structures and file processing as they relate to information systems. Emphasis on structured and object-oriented program design using JAVA

ISQS 6338 Database Concepts

Prerequisite: ISQS 5341 and ACCT 5401
Corequisite: Model organization data and business rules, logical and physical design of relational databases, data warehousing, data mining, and data administration

ISQS 6339 Database Application Development

Prerequisite: ISQS 6338
Corequisite: ISQS 6337 Creation of working database application from concept to implementation. Build and populate and efficient relational database instance. Enforcement of business rules, client/server tradeoffs

ISQS 6340 Decision Support Systems

Prerequisite: ISQS 6338
Corequisite: Theories of decision making, DSS software and design, artificial intelligence in DSS, executive information systems, and institutionalization and behavioral factors

ISQS 6341 Data Communication & Network Management

Prerequisite: ISQS 5341
Corequisite: Concepts and terminology of data communications, network design, client/server architecture, distributed information systems with focus on communications architecture, and management

ISQS 6342 Strategic Uses of Information Systems Technology

Prerequisite: ISQS 6341. or B.B.A. degree in MIS or equivalent
Corequisite: Focuses on state-of-the-art telecom technologies as well as their applications to solve business problems and/or create strategic advantage.

ISQS 6343 Advanced Telecommunications Network Management

Prerequisite: ISQS 6341or B.A. in MIS or equivalent knowledge
Corequisite: Design and management of telecommunication network for security, effieiency, durability, and profitability

ISQS 6347 Data Text Mining for Business Intelligence

Prerequisite: ISQS 5345, 5347 or consent of instructor
Corequisite: Examples and methods of data and text mining to produce enterprise intelligence. Use of data and text mining software

ISQS 6348 Applied Multivariate Analysis

Prerequisite: ISQS 5347 or consent of instructor
Corequisite: Multivariate methods for business research, including classification, visualization, testing, clustering, and latent structure

ISQS 6349 Advance Business Forecasting

Prerequisite: ISQS 5347 or consent of instructor.
Corequisite: Forecasting methods for business and econometrics. Smoothing autocorrelations, spectra autoregressive, MA, and ARMA models. Box-Jenkins and REGARMA models.

ISQS 7338 Advanced System Analysis

Prerequisite: ISQS 6338, MGT 5371, and FIN 5320 or 5421.
Corequisite: Methods for analyzing information needs and specifying application system requirements. Included are applications development strategies, business process reengineering, object-oriented analysis, and CASE tools

ISQS 7339 Advanced Information System Design

Prerequisite: ISQS 7338
Corequisite: Technological and managerial aspects of systems design and implementation. Explores state-of-the-art systems design techniques including object-oriented and event-oriented design

ISQS 7340 Management of Information Systems

Prerequisite: ISQS 7338 or ISQS 7339 as a co-requisite
Corequisite: Study of information systems, their design, implementation, and contribution to management planning, decision-making and control. Capstone course for M.S.B.A.-MIS and Telecom-net. Grade of A or B required.

ISQS 7341 Seminar in MIS Research and Methods

Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor.
Corequisite: Seminar covering current MIS research methods and issues.

ISQS 7342 Advanced Topics in MIS

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Corequisite: Topics include system construction, system maintenance, artificial intelligence, expert systems, enterprise integration, international issues in MIS, and other contemporary topics. May be repeated one time.

ISQS 7346 Seminar in Cognitive and Behavioral MIS Research

Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor
Corequisite: Seminar covering cognitive and behavioral MIS Research

ISQS 7347 Seminar in Managerial and Organiztional MIS Research

Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor
Corequisite: Seminar covering managerial and organizational MIS research