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MS in MIS & Executive MSBA-MIS - Curriculum

The Master of Science in MIS program with emphasis in BI is a 36-hour program. Students without a prior degree in business administration will generally need to take additional tool courses (please see the Graduate Services Center's website at

Coursework for each student is determined on an individual basis according to the student's background, needs and career goals.

Available Courses (33 Hours)

ISQS 5338 Information Technology for E-Business
ISQS 5341 Business Problem Solving & Info. Tech.
ISQS 6338 Data Base Management Systems
ISQS 6339 Data Management and Business Intelligence
ISQS 6340 Decision Support Systems
ISQS 6341 Data Communications and Network Management
ISQS 6342 Information Systems Strategy
ISQS 6343 Strategic Uses of Telecom Technology
ISQS 6347 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
ISQS 7338 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
ISQS 7339 Advanced Information Systems Design
ISQS 7342 Advanced Topics in MIS and Business Analytics
BA 7000 Statistics and Six Sigma for IT Professionals
BA 7000 Communication Skills for IT Professionals
BA 7000 Operational and Leadership Skills for IT Professionals

Students may also choose to take 9 hours in one of the following concentrations: Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting, International Business, Business Statistics, Entrepreneurship, POM/IE, Computer Science, Educational Instruction Technology.

Required Capstone Course (3 Hours)

ISQS 7340 Management of Information Systems
ISQS 5359 Project Management

Must earn a grade of "B" or better. Must be taken in last semester available prior to graduation.

Executive MSBA-MIS

The Executive MSBA-MIS degree program is designed for working IT professionals and meets on weekends. The complete program description and curriculum can be found at