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PhD in Business Statistics - Description


The scientific methods of statistics play an increasingly important role in managerial analysis and decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty. They are used to describe data and make decisions and predictions in every functional area of business from strategic forecasting, research, and business analytics. A Ph.D. in Business Statistics from the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration will give you advanced analytic skills, in addition to core business knowledge, needed to teach in the university environment or to operate as a competent analyst in today's business world, or as a competent analyst in any of today's informatics disciplines.

This program has been designed to train students to develop and apply modern statistical techniques. Foundational course content includes mathematical statistics, probability, statistical computing, and linear models; additional applied courses such as Data and Text Mining give students the tools needed for success, whether in the academic or industry sectors of business.

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The ISQS Department is located on the third floor in the Rawls College of Business Administration (RCOBA) building. Statistical support includes SAS on the Citrix servers, and powerful networked desktops. The Center for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence is housed within the department and facilitates research in statistics campus-wide, and also supplies extramural funding for capable students.

Financial Aid

As the program is small, assistantships are extremely limited. These are supported through a variety of means, including extramural grants and research support. An out-of-state resident who receives an assistantship qualifies for in-state tuition.