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PhD in MIS - Description


The MIS doctoral program is carefully designed to provide a theoretical basis for advancing the state of knowledge in MIS. This specialization allows students to concentrate on the significance of information systems in a variety of managerial settings.

Research interests of the faculty include systems development, strategic uses of information technology, electronic commerce, behavioral decision making, database modeling, information requirements determination, telecommunications and network design, adaptive knowledge-based systems, economic issues in information technology, and fMRI research in MIS.

The MIS doctoral program is designed to permit maximum flexibility for Ph.D. students to pursue their research interests. Coursework includes Ph.D. seminars, research methods and data analysis courses, supporting field courses, and, for students without MIS or business backgrounds, foundation MIS and business courses.

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Financial Aid

Most Ph.D. students are offered research or teaching assistantships (TA). Generally these positions require twenty hours per week of service in teaching or research. Doctoral students with assistantships typically have a significant reduction in tuition and fees. In addition to the stipend for assistantships, competitive doctoral applicants may be offered one or more fellowships.