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BBA in MIS - Curriculum

Course Structure

The MIS undergraduate program is comprised of both lower and upper division requirements.  The lower division requirements can be found in the Texas Tech Undergraduate Catalog.  The upper division requirements are as follows.

Upper Division Core

27 hours - minimum grades of C are required.

BLAW 3391 Business Law I
FIN 3320 FIN3320 Corporate Finance I
ISQS 3344 Introduction to Production and Operations Management
MKT 3350 Introduction to Marketing
MGT 3370 Organization and Management
MGT 3373 Managerial Communication

Major Courses

27 hours - minimum grades of C are required

ISQS 3345 Object-Oriented Programming in Java
ISQS 3346 Advanced Application Programming Techniques
ISQS 3347 Data Structures and Programming Languages
ISQS 3348 Database Management Systems
ISQS 3349 Introduction to Data Communication Systems
ISQS 3351 Advanced Linux Networking
ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence
ISQS 3360 Telecommunications Security Theory
ISQS 4348 Systems Analysis
ISQS 4349 Information Systems Design
ISQS 4350 Information Systems Project Management
ISQS 4361 Web Application Programming
ISQS 4382 Internship in MIS
ISQS 4383 Special Topics in MIS
ISQS 4385 Strategic Information Technology Management

Upper Level Economics or Computer Science Requirement
(or other as approved by undergraduate adviser)

3 hours - minimum grade of C is required.

Restricted Elective

3 hours - minimum grade of C is required.

Non-Business / Non-Economics Electives

6 hours or enough to complete the 120-hour requirement - minimum grades of D are required.