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Information Technology: BBA in MIS - Description


Texas Tech's Management Information Systems (MIS) undergraduate program is designed to educate future information systems professionals and managers. This program is interdisciplinary in nature with specialized training in information systems and management. It builds on the College of Business Administration's common core which includes course work in accounting, economics, business law, mathematics, statistics, computer programming, finance, marketing, production, and management. The common core is normally completed before taking coursework in the MIS program.

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Educational Objectives

The objectives of this program are to prepare students to take the challenge of adopting and utilizing state-of-the-art MIS technology and to ensure 100% job placement. The program's educational objectives are realized through a dynamic curriculum and a variety of instructional methods, including: "hands-on" computer experience; class lecture and discussion; textbook and article study; class assignments, laboratory projects, and applied (team) projects in the business community; case studies; demonstrations; field trips; and presentations by practitioners from the MIS community.

Career Opportunities

The MIS field is widely recognized for its current and future career potential. Specific career opportunities depend on the student's interests, coursework, and experience. Some students go into the MIS function immediately and rise through the ranks. Others become the MIS specialists in a given functional area such as production or finance and become the resident experts providing the liaison between MIS and their own functional organizations. Some go into direct end-user support and often work in an information center. The baccalaureate and graduate programs in business administration are fully accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, the national accrediting organization.


Several scholarships are available to qualified students.